3-Time Felon Jumps Over Bench To Assault Judge

(RepublicanReport.org) – Part of a judge’s job is to hand down sentences to defendants who have committed crimes. While laws give guidelines and sometimes mandates on the length of jail time, the judge on the case makes the final determination as to the future of the convict. When defendants hear their fate, it can elicit strong emotions, as evidenced recently in a Las Vegas courtroom.

On January 4, The Daily Wire reported that three-time felon Deobra Redden was facing sentencing before Judge Mary Kay Holthus the previous day. The convict’s attorney asked for leniency, but the judge rebuffed the suggestion, citing his lengthy criminal history. Upon her refusal, Redden ran toward the judge, leaped over and cleared the bench, and tackled Holthus.

Video of the incident showed a court employee trying to intercept the flying defendant — to no avail. He landed on top of Redden, pulling him away from the judge. Several other individuals stepped in to subdue the man. RawsAlerts reported that Holthus was relatively unharmed, though she reportedly hit her head. However, a court marshal was sent to the hospital for treatment. According to 8 NewsNow, the man had a big cut on his head but was in stable condition.

A court spokesperson commended the “heroic acts” of Holthus’ staff, police, and others who participated in subduing the assailant. The person assured that the Las Vegas courtroom was still a “safe and secure” place but stated the courthouse would be “reviewing all [its] protocols” to ensure everyone is fully protected moving forward.

This wasn’t the first time Redden stood in front of this same judge. Records show that in 2021, he appeared before her for attempted home invasion charges and destruction of property. Holthus sentenced him to probation — which he violated. She then sent him to jail for 106 days.

Redden was arrested for his recent attack on the judge and charged with battery and battery on a protected person.

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