Is the World Really Going to Catch Fire?

Is the World Really Going to Catch Fire?

( – Nowadays, most people think that the idea of global warming is settled science. They believe it’s a moral obligation to use air travel less, use “greener” cars like hybrids, and spend extra money on products that arrive on their supermarket shelves without creating a large carbon footprint from their journey. But is this really as certain a phenomenon as some people make it out to be?

An August 1 article from American Thinker magazine puts the idea of climate change under the spotlight, questioning whether it’s really the big deal mainstream scientific and media communities claim it to be. The post states that, while temperatures have indeed been increasing since the end of the 18th century, the idea that this is unprecedented is “highly dubious.”

It first points to key data points scientists rely upon to direct the narrative around climate change. National meteorological organizations, such as NASA in the US and the UK’s Met Office, can alter these data points. NASA reportedly did this as recently as last year, pushing down the recorded mean temperature levels for 2016 to exaggerate 2016 to 2020 increases.

The author also pointed out that Greenland’s seasonal melt, often considered a key barometer of global warming, was less significant in 2021 than in other years.

So, is climate change really “settled science?” Or, is this just another form of propaganda designed to drum up fear and sell green products?

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