Homeowners Find Unique Surprise Under House

Homeowner's Find Unique Surprise Under House

(RepublicanReport.org) – Once you’ve owned a home for a while, you’ll likely have to deal with pests of one type or another. Depending on where you live and what kind of building you live in, you might have to contend with insects, rodents, or another class of unwelcome visitors. However, the owners of one house in California recently got more than they bargained for in this department.

Al Wolf, head of Sonoma County Reptile Rescue, arrived on the scene following a call over a rattlesnake sighting from the home’s residents. Once he got to work, he was shocked to discover the extent of the problem. Wolf had to remove over 90 rattlesnakes in total. It was the most significant find of his career, and he spent nearly four hours removing all the reptiles. Afterward, the snake wrangler released them safely in a place without human residences.

The northern Pacific rattlesnakes are native to that area, so sightings are not uncommon. However, it’s highly unusual to see so many of the creatures gathered in a home like this. Herpetologist Emily Taylor speculated that the house’s foundations may have been a rookery, the name given to a place where rattlesnakes give birth in large numbers. She added, however, that rookeries in low-lying areas of California are uncommon.

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