Incredible Kids Who Saved the Day

( – A hero is a brave individual worthy of admiration for their selfless actions. The word conjures up images of soldiers at war, firefighters putting out a blaze, and even Superman stopping a train just before it careens off the side of a mountain. But not all heroes wear capes or uniforms. In fact, some are wearing pigtails and still have all their baby teeth.

Father of two, Stuart Waters, was behind the wheel with his kids in the car after returning home from picking up his children when he suffered a heart attack. That’s when 10-year-old Sadie and her 7-year-old brother Jude leaped into action. They undid his seatbelt and ran to get their mom. Luckily, some neighbors performed CPR until emergency services arrived. Had it not been for his quick-thinking children, the man would not have survived.

Chase and Abigail Poust, ages 7 and 4, were swimming in the St. Johns River in Florida when the current began to sweep the little girl away. The big brother grabbed his sister before she disappeared, prompting their dad to jump in the racing waters. With his loved ones stuck in peril, Chase left his dad and sister, swam a mile to shore, got help, and saved his family from drowning.

While on vacation, 5-year-old Riley Braden was enjoying some time in the pool when she noticed a toddler fall into the water and sink like a stone. With no time to waste and adults in the area oblivious to the situation, she swam to the baby, brought the child to the surface, and saved their life.

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