Young People Want Biden To Face Primary Challenge

( – President Joe Biden has campaigned mostly unopposed in his bid to return to the White House for another four years. While his two current challengers, Robert R. Kennedy (RFK) Jr. and Marianne Williamson, are running on fringe platforms that have kept both out of the serious race, many young people are hoping for more moderate options. A recent poll among high school and college students shows Gen Z is far from confident in the president’s ability to lead another term.

Young America’s Foundation commissioned the survey, which sought the political standing of over 1,650 youths. Collectively, the students identified as about 20% conservative, 32.5% liberal, and 32.5% moderate. The results revealed less than 40% of those surveyed saw Biden as an effective leader who understood their needs. The numbers also indicated that most liberal voters wanted to see Biden face off against other primary challengers.

Gen Z voters also supported age caps on presidential candidates, with more than 60% overall believing in setting limits. Most agreed on a maximum age ranging between 60 and 69, which would knock both Biden (80) and former President Donald Trump (76) out of the running.

It’s not just young people voicing their concerns. Voters have been split over Biden’s decision to run again for US president, and FiveThirtyEight indicates his overall disapproval rating has been hovering around 54% for months. Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) recently went public in his desire to see the current commander-in-chief step aside for the next generation of Democratic leaders. During a segment of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” the Minnesota Democrat said he felt he spoke for the majority of the people when he noted Biden should “pass the torch.”

Still, a worthy contender has yet to step up against the current president. RFK Jr. has led a noteworthy effort, actively campaigning and raising impressive funds for a longshot — but NPR notes that the presidential hopeful has also adhered to numerous conspiracy theories that have turned off moderate voters. The only other official challenger, Marianne Williamson, stands too far to the left to appeal to mainstream Democrats. Phillips has indicated that he might announce his own primary bid if no one else does.

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