World War Level Inflation Predicted for 2022

World War Level Inflation Predicted for 2022

( – As we emerge from the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic, it becomes increasingly clear that the challenges we’re facing (at least from an economic perspective) are far from over. Workers are quitting their jobs at record rates, leaving many industries short of labor, and prices are skyrocketing. According to experts, the last challenge will worsen before it gets better.

Analysts believe inflation could hit 15% in 2022, which would be the highest level we’ve seen since World War II. While this might seem far-fetched, there are a number of factors, when combined, could well come together to make it happen.

Firstly, individuals re-entering the workforce following the pandemic are not settling for the way things used to be. They want better conditions, more flexible working arrangements, and, crucially, more money. As a result, employers will pay more, pumping more cash into the economy and ultimately driving up prices.

The ongoing supply chain crisis is another crucial factor. As it continues to be challenging to acquire goods, the prices of available items will continue to climb considerably. Until distribution channels return to their pre-pandemic state (which could take months), price increases related to supply shortages will continue.

As well as financial uncertainty for the average consumer, this will lead to extreme volatility in our credit and equity markets. Unfortunately, it looks like our economic woes will get worse before they get better.

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