Why Democrats’ Electric Vehicle Plans Are Bound to End in Failure

Why Democrats' Electric Vehicle Plans Are Bound to End in Failure

Democrats Don’t Want You To Know This DIRTY Secret About Electric Vehicles

(RepublicanReport.org) – One of President Joe Biden’s main aims since entering the White House has been the reduction of fossil-fuel emissions. One of the strategies he’s selected to further this effort has been the promotion of electric vehicles. Unfortunately for Biden and the rest of the Democratic Party, there are some very real doubts about the viability of this plan over the long run.

One of the key problems, according to an Axios report, is the new demand for batteries. The US is currently underperforming compared to the EU and China when it comes to manufacturing electric car batteries. Experts believe while the push toward electric vehicles is the right move, it could make America dependent on cheap Chinese batteries if we don’t prioritize the development of our own supply chain.

Last year, President Biden signed an executive order signaling the government’s intention to stop buying gas-powered cars by 2035. The order also stipulated the government will only purchase emission-free light-duty vehicles from 2027 onward. If the concerns of experts are proven to be true, it appears Biden’s gung-ho policies on electric vehicles could make our economy even more reliant on Chinese imports.

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