White House Reporters Finally Step Up to Joe Biden

White House Reporters Finally Step Up to Joe Biden

(RepublicanReport.org) – President Joe Biden has taken a lot of criticism for his failure to engage appropriately with the voting public since taking office. Many have noted his propensity to read pre-prepared answers at press briefings and ignore questions from reporters. It was more of the same on Tuesday, September 21, in the immediate aftermath of a summit between the president and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the Oval Office.

Following the meeting, reporters asked Johnson questions, but when they tried to do the same with Biden, they were shouted down by White House aides. The staffers then physically escorted the press members out of the room.

This time, though, it looks like the reporters aren’t taking the snub lying down. It has emerged that the White House press pool lodged a formal complaint with the office of Press Secretary Jen Psaki. Journalists have reportedly had enough of being vocally and physically prevented from putting questions to the president by staff at the White House.

Psaki reportedly told the complainants that she was not in a position to resolve the situation immediately.

This is just the latest episode in the curious relationship between President Biden and America’s journalists. Given the rising level of disquiet among the press, it appears he’s not going to get away with his failure to provide proper responses for the remaining three years plus of his White House term.

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