White House Asks for More Censorship

White House Asks for More Censorship

(RepublicanReport.org) – Podcast giant Joe Rogan has recently upset many on the Left with his refusal to toe the line concerning accepted narratives about COVID-19. Musicians Neil Young and Joni Mitchell felt so strongly about the issue they insisted on removing their material from Spotify as long as Rogan’s podcast remained on the platform. It seems this type of attitude isn’t limited to the music industry.

On Tuesday, February 1, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki stated the Biden administration would prefer if Spotify and other media platforms made more of an effort to censor supposedly inaccurate information about COVID-19.

Psaki was responding to Spotify’s announcement that it would attach a “content advisory” to any material related to the pandemic. This advisory will reportedly link to a hub containing information from “trusted sources” about COVID-19. The press secretary opined this was a reasonable first step but insisted Spotify and other providers should do more to promote accepted information and limit more controversial content (like Rogan’s, presumably).

As for the podcaster himself, he’s promised to strive for balance in all conversations he hosts on his show. The two interviews that sparked this controversy were with Drs. Peter McCullough and Robert Malone. McCullough is a cardiologist, while Malone is an expert on the development of mRNA vaccines.

Do you think the White House should be encouraging censorship in this way?

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