Volcano’s Explosion Leads To Gas Warnings In The Area

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(RepublicanReport.org) – Iceland is renowned for its stunning scenery, from beautiful lagoons and glaciers to breathtaking mountains and waterfalls. However, the ground in the gorgeous nation is now spewing toxic fumes after a volcano began erupting recently. Despite numerous warnings from experts, people are still flocking to see nature at work.

On Monday, July 10, a volcano near Litli-Hrútur mountain, about 20 miles southwest of Reykjavik, began erupting. As lava flew into the air, the fissure also released volcanic gases, such as sulfur dioxide, which can be “severely irritating to the eyes, mucous membranes, skin, and respiratory tract,” according to the CDC.

The eruption did not delay or disrupt any flights coming or going from the nearby Keflavik Airport. However, officials warned locals to close their windows and minimize the intake of outdoor air to their homes to prevent the toxic fumes from getting in. Authorities also restricted access to the site, although many hikers still trekked to see the lava spewing from the ground.

This volcano erupted in both 2021 and 2022, and a series of earthquakes caused its current eruption. The Icelandic Meteorological Office shared that this third explosion started out stronger than the previous two, reaching up to half a mile long.

According to AFP, one visitor to the site described the volcano as “warm like a campfire” where he was standing but warned it could be up to 1,800 degrees closer to the main eruption site. He also commented on the scene’s beauty, noting the eruption’s center was “pure orange like the sun.”

While visitors to the site are certainly in awe of the power and strength of the natural world, they are going against expert advice to stay away from toxic fumes and molten lava. Would you take such a risk to see this intense scene, or are you happy to see it just on a screen?

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