US Warns Ukraine’s War Will Be Won on “Logistics” As Putin Strikes at Supply Lines

US Warns Ukraine's War Will Be Won on 'Logistics' As Putin Strikes at Supply Lines

Putin Takes War To Next Level — Here’s America’s Response

( – When we think of wars, we often picture just bullets and bombs. However, victories and losses in major conflicts have a lot more to them; much of the important work goes on behind the scenes. Logistics are a massively important consideration in any wartime situation, and American leaders are starting to worry Russia might gain the upper hand in this regard in its ongoing war in Ukraine.

On Monday, April 25, Politico reported Russia has started attacking supply lines carrying weapons into Ukraine from the United States. The report related that five railway facilities through which weapons pass into Ukraine suffered rocket attacks from Russian forces on Monday. This follows previous threats from the Kremlin that these facilities would be targets in the fight.

The US has been providing Ukraine with weapons since August 2021, and this has reportedly begun to even out the discrepancy in the quality of military equipment between Russia and Ukraine. So far, American donations have been sufficient to equip five battalions in the Donbas region.

Experts reportedly believe logistics will be crucial during the upcoming phase of the war. They believe Ukraine will prevent the Russians from capturing Donbas if supply lines into the country from the West remain uninterrupted.

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