US Takes Down Suspected al-Qaeda-Affiliated Leader

US Takes Down Suspected al-Qaeda-Affiliated Leader

U.S. Reportedly TAKES DOWN Dangerous Enemy

( – Since the Taliban reclaimed power in Afghanistan last August, fears of al-Qaeda’s re-emergence as a threat have risen. The Islamic fundamentalist group that claimed responsibility for the 9/11 attacks still has a presence in the Middle East. Earlier this week, an airstrike in Syria killed a terrorist leader whom experts believe had close ties to al-Qaeda, according to reports.

Abu Hamzah al Yemeni was reportedly a leading figure in the Hurras al-Din extremist group, which intelligence experts believe is closely connected to al-Qaeda. He was riding on a motorcycle in the Idlib province of Syria when an unmanned US aircraft aimed two Hellfire missiles at him, killing him instantly. Initial reports suggest there were no civilian casualties related to the strike.

This attack followed an extended period of observation of Yemeni’s movements and activities in Iraq and Syria by US military intelligence agents.

Following the successful mission, US Central Command (CENTCOM) said targeting Yemeni was just one part of an ongoing effort to keep the activities of al-Qaeda and related groups in check in the Middle East. While infighting within the fundamentalist network in Iraq and Syria has weakened the threat it poses, our military leaders are still keen to address any activity of which they do become aware.

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