US Senate Unveils New Bill That Could Change Voting As We Know It

US Senate Unveils New Bill That Could Change Voting As We Know It

( – As we approach the first anniversary of arguably the most contentious election in US history, the debate around voting rights remains heated across the US. Republicans are keen to tighten up requirements to avoid instances of fraud, while Democrats are more interested in promoting easy access to voting. The latest legislative attempt by Democrats to pursue this goal has just hit Congress.

On Tuesday, September 14, Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) introduced the Freedom to Vote Act, along with several co-sponsors. The proposal bears similarities to a framework that moderate Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) put forward earlier this year. It also shares some characteristics with the For the People Act, which Senate Republicans rejected in June.

At 592 pages, the new bill would make voter registration easier and establish a minimum early voting window of 15 days states would be obliged to allow. Election Day would also become a federal holiday under the terms of the bill.

While this bill is less expansive than previous legislative efforts in this area, it’s still too radical for some Republicans. Many GOP figures have indicated they would prefer to see election reform happen at the state level.

Like previous attempts at election reform, this bill will have to overcome the obstacle of the Senate filibuster if it’s to become law.

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