US Sanctions Several Iran-Based Entities

US Sanctions Several Iran-Based Entities

( – With the war between Russia and Ukraine still in full swing, the eyes of the world have been on Europe in recent weeks. However, there are also pressing foreign policy matters to attend to elsewhere in the world. The US has just announced new sanctions on Iran-linked groups over the Middle-Eastern nation’s continued attempts at nuclear proliferation.

On Wednesday, March 30, the US Treasury Department released a statement about new sanctions it imposed on a procurement agent named Mohammad Ali Hosseini and a number of companies he owns. These entities have reportedly been working to acquire materials necessary for the production of ballistic missiles for the Iranian government. Parchin Chemical Industries, which was already subject to previous US sanctions, was one of the businesses for which Hosseini and his companies reportedly acquired the materials.

Former President Donald Trump exited the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) in 2018, imposing harsh sanctions on Iran instead. Some analysts believe it was an effective course of action. The Biden administration still wants Iran to return to compliance with the nuclear deal — but recent reports indicate it may not happen any time soon.

Do you think imposing sanctions on Iran is the right move, or should the Biden administration continue to search for an effective diplomatic solution to the problem of the country’s nuclear ambitions?

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