US Diplomat Found Dead in Kyiv Hotel

( – The US and Ukraine have had diplomatic relations since 1991, when Ukraine broke away from Russia. In the fall of 2021, the White House released a statement about the bond between America and Ukraine, stating it was stronger than ever before. The Biden administration reaffirmed its commitment to the country’s sovereignty while facing Russian aggression.

On June 26, Strana UA — an online Ukrainian newspaper — announced on Telegram that the body of a US Embassy attache was “found at the Hilton Hotel” in Kyiv. Law enforcement told the news outlet that they found no evidence of violence and that the medical information provided by the embassy showed the “man suffered from high cholesterol.” The unnamed man reportedly arrived in Ukraine on June 15 and was found dead in his room on June 25. It’s unclear how long he was there before he was discovered.

That same day, US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller held a press briefing. Near the end of the discussion with reporters, the spokesperson was asked about the US diplomat who died in Kyiv. Miller confirmed the death, stating the person was a “US government employee who was under chief of mission authority” at the embassy in Ukraine’s capital. He sent his condolences out to the family and wanted to take a moment to dispel any rumors or “conspiracy theories” before they even started. The spokesperson confirmed there was “no sign of foul play” and the man “died of natural causes.”

The United States has been one of Ukraine’s biggest supporters during its war with Russia, giving humanitarian and military equipment to the country to aid in its fight. Considering it was clear that the diplomat died through natural causes and through no fault of Ukraine, it wouldn’t make sense that his death would affect foreign relations in any way. America still has a strong relationship with Ukraine.

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