Unsolved Medical Mysteries – When Doctors Don’t Know

Unsolved Medical Mysteries-When Doctors Don't Know

(RepublicanReport.org) – The medical community uses its talents and skills to do work that highly impresses the rest of us. Doctors and other experts use cutting-edge research and training to be as competent as possible to save lives and improve health outcomes for all of us. However, there are some issues that even the most accomplished healthcare experts can’t explain or treat.

Take, for instance, the people who are allergic to water. The clear, tasteless liquid is crucial to our survival and makes up 60% of our physical bodies. Yet, some people suffer allergic reactions to water, developing painful and irritating blisters when they come in contact with it. The disease is rare, and doctors have yet to agree on its cause, much less a cure.

Foreign accent syndrome (FAS) is possibly even more strange, though perhaps less detrimental to the lives of those who have it. As the name suggests, it causes patients to speak in different accents than their own — even if they’ve never visited the places where people speak with that accent. Again, doctors can’t explain this condition or its cause. Some believe it’s a psychological condition, but more now think it’s a neurological problem. It often can arise in response to various apparent stimuli, including stroke and head trauma.

So, the next time the sniffles show up during hay fever season, perhaps it should be considered a blessing that it’s nothing untreatable.

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