UK Considering Face-Scanning Technology for Vaccine Passports

UK Considering Face-Scanning Technology for Vaccine Passports

( – The idea of a vaccination passport is starting to take hold around the world. Many leaders are interested in a system that would distinguish between vaccinated and unvaccinated people, allowing greater access to those in the former group for travel and public events.

On Saturday, March 27, the London Times published a report on the possibility that face-scanning technology might be used for this purpose in the UK. Under what the paper refers to as a “government-funded plan” that may be a part of the British vaccine passport scheme, UK customers would have their faces scanned when entering venues to have their “coronavirus data” checked.

Andrew Bud is CEO of iProov, one of the tech companies developing software for this purpose. He believes this solution is necessary to streamline access to venues; a traditional ID card would cause too many delays for security staff, according to him. The solution involves a digital ID card requiring the user’s face to be scanned first. Then, data entered into the system can be used in the future when entering specific businesses and events.

Nonessential travel is still discouraged in America, even for the fully-vaccinated. As this situation begins to change, it will be interesting to see how policymakers approach certification. But this application takes us one step closer to the government knowing where we are and when we come and go, opening us to the consequences of potential misuse.

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