Tucker Carlson Is Creating A New Media Project

(RepublicanReport.org) – In April, Fox News settled a lawsuit against the network by voting machine company Dominion, agreeing to pay $787.5 million for defamation. Dominion alleged that Fox News spread lies about its voting machines, stating the devices malfunctioned and switched votes, allowing President Joe Biden to assume the White House. Shortly afterward, the network and one of its former hosts, Tucker Carlson, “part[ed] ways.” However, the hit didn’t keep Carlson down for long.

On July 14, The Wall Street Journal reported that the former Fox host, with the help of former White House advisor Neil Patel, is looking to raise money to start his own media company. People familiar with the matter said the pair aim to garner millions of dollars for the project, which is rumored to run on Twitter eventually. However, Fox News had previously warned Carlson against posting videos on the social media platform, saying doing so constituted a breach of contract.

According to the New York Times, the letter stated that Carlson’s Twitter show was too similar to his previous program on Fox News. This purportedly violates his signed agreement with the network that remains in effect until 2025. Regardless, the WSJ stated his new company would make long-form videos on Twitter. Initially, they would be free for viewers, but would then change to a paid program. The report indicated that Carlson also planned to eventually bring other hosts on board, which would result in more shows. There’s no word yet on who those people might be.

Sources say Carlson and Patel already have several investors, lawyers, and strategists ready to start their new venture. The company plans to expand beyond Twitter and include its own app and website.

Do you think other hosts will leave Fox News to join Tucker Carlson’s new company once it gets off the ground?

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