Trump’s Trading Card NFTs Slammed by Conservatives

Trump's Trading Card NFTs Slammed by Conservatives

( – Former President Donald Trump recently announced he’s launching his third bid for the White House, but the response has been less enthusiastic than he might have hoped. With his allies abandoning him and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) looking more presidential with each passing day, his position has disimproved sharply. One of Trump’s most recent “major” announcements has also failed to inspire his supporter base.

After the former president issued a cryptic promise that big news was on the way, conservatives speculated that he could be about to unveil his running mate for 2024 or make some other announcement with political relevance. Instead, he announced a series of NFTs, non-fungible tokens which verify ownership of a digital asset, featuring his likeness. The fact he’s selling digital collectibles at $99 a pop has left most right-wingers disappointed.

Conservative commentator John Cardillo was among those to join the pile-on on Twitter, calling the move “ridiculous.”

Other Conservatives have pointed to the fact that ordinary Americans are struggling with various issues right now, and that Trump should be focused on the plight of Americans rather than releasing collectibles.

Political criticisms aside, however, the trading cards have performed well in the digital assets space, selling out very quickly following their release.

Did you purchase a Trump NFT?

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