Trump’s SPOKESPERSON Has A Message For Young People!

Trump's Spokesperson Has a Message for Young Voters

Trump’s Spokesperson Has a Message for Young Voters

( – Former President Donald Trump has officially announced he will contend for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024, but his campaign has had a rocky start. Many blame him for the Republican Party’s poor showing in the recent midterm elections, and some significant donors have said they won’t support him in his reelection bid. However, his representative, Liz Harrington, believes his appeal to younger voters may be a winning factor for him in his next election battle.

During an interview on Just The News on Wednesday, November 16, Harrington stated Donald Trump’s focus on America First values would endear him to younger demographics. She went on to list the ways in which President Joe Biden had led the country astray, citing the high inflation rate in particular.

She claimed Trump would “get [the country] back to even greater” levels of prosperity than those we saw prior to the Biden presidency.

Elsewhere in the Republican Party, Liz Harrington’s optimism is not shared. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) refused to offer his endorsement to Trump when reporters asked about his intentions on Wednesday. Also, a number of high-profile Trump allies in Congress failed to show up at his campaign announcement in Mar-a-Lago.

Do you think Donald Trump has a realistic chance of winning the presidency again?

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