Trump’s Campaign Move Sparks Republican Backlash

( – Primary season is still underway, with several upcoming over the summer. During each election cycle since 2017, former President Donald Trump has given his endorsement to various candidates, presumably pushing some over the finish line. Recently, he backed a candidate and received backlash from within the GOP.

In May, Trump endorsed Virginia State Senator John McGuire (R) for the state’s 5th Congressional District over the incumbent Representative Bob Good (R-VA). He also backed incumbent Representative William Timmons (R-SC) to keep the 4th District in South Carolina.

Both endorsements seemed to upset at least one Republican — Representative Warren Davidson (OH). He told Punchbowl News Trump was “endorsing moderates in most races,” which would only “keep funding the status quo.” Davidson indicated the former president was simply helping to feed the “swamp” in Washington. The online news outlet stated the Ohio rep wasn’t alone in his criticism of Trump’s picks.

But Trump’s reasoning for going against Good, at least, seemed to be personal rather than an attempt to change the direction of Congress. The Virginia rep previously endorsed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) for the presidential nomination, which seemed to upset Trump. In his social media post, the former president stated that Good “turned his back” on his “incredible movement” by “constantly attacking and fighting [him] until recently.”

By that time, Trump declared it was “too late.” Despite the fact Good chairs the House Freedom Caucus, the former US leader said he thinks the legislator is “bad for Virginia and bad for the USA.” Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL), a Trump follower, disagreed with that stance and put his support behind Good — a decision that could spark backlash in his presumed future race.

Representative Ralph Norman (R-SC) said Trump needs to do a better job at listening to other people within the GOP about “who to endorse,” adding that he doesn’t think the former president gives it much thought before putting his choices out there.

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