Trump Wants McConnell Out as GOP Leader

Trump Wants McConnell Out as GOP Leader

Trump BLASTS Mitch McConnell – He Wants Him Out!

( – Since former President Donald Trump ended his time in office, he has left major rifts in the Republican Party. Though he has the unwavering support of part of the GOP, some have stood against him, and a few (most notably Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY)) have paid a heavy price. Now, the former president is going after another of his conservative rivals; Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

On Wednesday, August 24, Trump released a statement on his social media site calling for Republicans to oust McConnell. He referred to a story by The Federalist highlighting allegations that the Republican leader and his wife, Elaine Chao, have used their political connections (Chao was Trump’s Secretary of Transportation during his time in the Oval Office) to further business interests in China. He also called out McConnell for giving into the demands of the “Radical Left.”

The former president has butted head with McConnell on a multitude of occasions in the past. Meanwhile, it’s clear he’s not the only person who dislikes the Kentucky senator; a Gallup poll from last year found McConnell was the least popular on a list of 11 powerful officials, with just 46% of Republican voters saying they held him in a positive view.

Do you think it’s time Senate Republicans picked someone new to lead them?

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