Trump Vows To Hold Funds To Certain Schools Practicing Woke Ideologies

( – In 1853, Massachusetts became the first state to mandate vaccinations in public schools. The requirement at the time pertained to measles inoculation and became standard throughout the New England states by the end of the century. Now, all 50 states have legislation mandating a list of childhood vaccinations to attend public schools, with some exceptions. The former president recently said he would end all of that.

On June 22, former President Donald Trump held a rally in Philadephia, Pennsylvania. During his speech, the presumptive GOP candidate said if elected, he would sign an executive order “on day one” taking federal funding away from schools that have a “vaccine mandate or a mask mandate.” All public schools in the United States mandate vaccines. The former president also vowed to withhold funding from any school “pushing critical race theory” or transgenderism and would “keep men out of women’s sports.”

Trump also discussed immigration and inflation and continued spreading false claims that President Joe Biden stole the 2020 election. He then told a Philadephia crowd that their city was one of the most “egregious places” for voter fraud in the US — without proof. He then vowed that he wouldn’t let that “happen again.” The former president also touched on the debate, talking about how Biden has been preparing for the event. He reportedly told people at a cheesesteak shop in the city that he already knew who his vice presidential pick was going to be, stating that person would be present during the debate.

Trump and Biden are scheduled for their first debate this election cycle on June 27. It will be hosted by CNN and take place in Atlanta. Unlike previous debates during the 2020 cycle, the presumptive nominees will only be allowed to speak when it’s their turn and will have their microphones muted at all other times. There will also be no audience, but it will be televised.

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