Trump Tells California GOP to “Fight On” With Ballot Drop-Offs

Trump Tells California GOP to

( – On Wednesday, October 14, President Trump weighed in on the ballot drop-off debate currently raging in California. GOP officials have recently been placing ballot boxes around the state in order to collect and process votes.

Setting up unofficial ballot drop-offs is technically not allowed. However, a 2016 law on so-called “ballot harvesting” makes it legal for voters to entrust their ballots to someone else to cast for them.

The below tweet from President Trump refers to this ballot harvesting law, as well as the fact Democrat officials have relied on it in the past without issue.

The Californian Attorney General and Secretary of State (both Democrats) have taken the GOP to task over this perceived breach of the rules, issuing a cease-and-desist notice. Republican officials (with President Trump’s encouragement) have stood by their choice to install the boxes, citing the law on ballot harvesting.

It’s not yet clear how this situation will end. It’s worth remembering, however, that this cease-and-desist order is directly seeking to make it more difficult for citizens to cast their votes. Given the impassioned defense of mail-in ballots to be seen elsewhere in the country, this is supremely ironic.

Whatever happens, this episode has served as a useful reminder of the Democrats’ capacity for hypocrisy.

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