Trump Takes Florida Early, Gives Campaign Huge Boost

Trump Takes Florida Early, Gives Campaign Huge Boost

( – With 29 electoral votes, Florida is always one of the most important battleground states during a presidential election. In the late hours of Tuesday, November 3, we received confirmation that the Sunshine State would back Donald Trump in this year’s presidential race.

Miami-Dade County was instrumental in making this happen. The urban voting center was expected to favor Joe Biden heavily, but he won by a much narrower margin than expected. The area’s Latino communities, in particular, had a huge role to play in getting Trump over the line in Florida. These groups likely saw Biden’s economic policies as too dangerous for the White House.

Some commentators speculated that a Florida victory would have been Joe Biden’s best chance of quickly winning the presidency. Now the state has gone to Trump, the Democrat’s potential path to victory is much less clear.

While this is a huge gain for the Trump camp, the race is far from over. A number of key states remain in play, and the final result might not become known for several days.

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