Trump Seeks Recusal of Judge

( – Former President Donald Trump has demanded that officials remove the US district judge assigned to his latest case. He insists he has no chance of a fair trial with the notorious liberal ruling at the bench. The MAGA leader shared his thoughts in a recent Truth Social post, where he described Special Prosecutor Jack Smith as “Deranged” and called the Department of Justice (DOJ) team “Thug[s].”

Trump posted about the random assignment of US District Judge Tanya Chutkan, voicing his fear that she would give him an unfair trial. The Barack Obama-era appointee has already convicted numerous individuals arrested during the January 6 Capitol riot, proving herself to be particularly tough on those cases. According to Newsmax, the judge is a known left-wing donor, which could prove to be a bias. Additionally, she and Hunter Biden have both worked for the same law firm.

Stating “powerful grounds,” Trump added that he also wanted his case moved from Washington, DC. The district’s overwhelmingly blue voting history could make assembling an unbiased jury impossible, which might make any trial against him there, regardless of the judge, a sure bet that the GOP frontrunner will lose.

The most recent indictment against Trump lists four separate criminal counts against him, all of which pertain to his alleged actions surrounding the January 6 event. The DOJ accuses the former president of being involved in multiple conspiracies targeting the 2020 presidential election results, claiming he made efforts to assume a second term despite legitimately losing at the polls.

The 45-page document details claims of attempts to use fraudulent state electors, false accusations of voter machine fraud and use of other tactics to overturn results in seven different states, pressures against Vice President Mike Pence to refuse the official certification, and then, finally, instigating a riot by lying to his followers about the election’s outcome. Trump denied all allegations against him, insisting Democrats are targeting him because he’s taken on the Deep State and is, therefore, a major threat to the suspected left-wing elitist network.

There’s still no word as to whether officials will allow Trump to move his case to a new jurisdiction.

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