Trump Says COVID Vaccine Would’ve Taken 5 Years if He Wasn’t President

Trump Says COVID Vaccine Would've Taken 5 Years if He Wasn't President

( – Earlier this year, Donald Trump attracted ridicule for suggesting a COVID-19 vaccine would be ready by the start of November. His timing was slightly off, but not by much; the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine has been ready for mass production for weeks now.

In a Fox News interview that aired on Sunday, December 13, President Trump drew attention to this, saying a vaccine would have taken five years under any other president. The key, he claimed, was his willingness to push the FDA and pharmaceutical companies “like nobody’s ever been pushed before.”

He even went as far as to claim the vaccine could have been rolled out sooner than it eventually was. The FDA did not give emergency-use authorization (EUA) to the Pfizer/BioNTech treatment for weeks after its completion.

Considering the colossal economic and public health incentives to produce a vaccine, it’s debatable whether it would have ever taken as long as five years. However, there’s no doubt Donald Trump’s no-nonsense approach to this issue got things done much more quickly than anyone anticipated.

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