Trump Reveals His Campaign Strategy for 2023

Trump Reveals His Campaign Strategy For 2023

( – Former President Donald Trump has been relatively quiet in the public square since his announcement this past November he was running for the White House one more time in 2024. However, he’s starting to hit the headlines once again over the last number of days. Trump spokesperson Steven Cheung recently shared details of his team’s strategy in an interview with the Daily Caller.

Cheung revealed the team is going to focus particularly on states that go to the polls early for primary and general election races. He also revealed the team will be zeroing in on data to leverage the available information to run an effective campaign. The official stated Trump’s next run for office will be something “that’s never been seen before.”

The insight Trump himself has been releasing over the past few weeks has provided hints as to the direction his campaign will take in terms of issues. One key area of focus has been freedom of speech; in December, he released a video claiming he would ban the federal government from cooperating with any public or private organization seeking to limit the free expression of individuals. He said he would take this step within hours of his return to the Oval Office.

Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) has already endorsed Trump’s re-election bid.

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