Trump Impeachment Attorney Previews Plan for Defense

Trump Impeachment Attorney Previews Plan For Defense

( – Donald Trump’s name has not featured that heavily in media headlines over the last few weeks, at least not compared to the previous four years. However, with his impeachment trial now underway in the Senate, that’s set to change.

On Wednesday, February 10, Trump lawyer Bruce L. Castor Jr. discussed his strategy for the trial on Fox News. He said his arguments would focus on the importance of the due process of law, and that this should apply equally to everyone, including the president. As Castor Jr. pointed out, due process usually requires an investigation; no such investigation was carried out in Trump’s case. He accused those behind the initiation of the impeachment of attempting to disregard the Bill of Rights as it relates to Donald Trump.

Overall, Castor Jr. was confident his team’s defense would succeed. He’s not the only one; Trump adviser Jason Miller appeared on Fox News on Wednesday to share his disdainful views on the case against the former president.

Ultimately, this trial is more about partisanship than anything Trump did or did not do. As 17 Senate Republicans must vote ‘to impeach’ in order to get a conviction, it’s difficult to imagine this trial being a win for Democrats.

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