Trump Gives Reporter Perfect Response Over Biden and COVID-19

Trump Gives Reporter Perfect Response Over Biden and COVID-19

( – Donald Trump has never been afraid to call it as he sees it. We saw a great example of this on Monday, October 26, when a reporter put it to him that Joe Biden said he had “waved the white flag” on coronavirus. Trump responded by saying Biden had “waved a white flag on life” as he was afraid to leave his basement.

This quip was an appropriate response to a question designed to get under his skin. Not only that, it spoke to broader truths about the way the COVID-19 crisis has unfolded.

America currently has more favorable COVID-19 statistics than many other countries. Our economy has also bounced back rapidly from the pandemic-related dip in March, with stock market prices near record highs.

In discussions about COVID-19, Joe Biden has the advantage of never having made an executive decision on pandemic policies. It’s easy for him to point at case rates or deaths and paint Donald Trump as a villain. However, it’s more than likely just as many Americans would have died and the economy would have been damaged had Biden been in office.

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