Trump EXPOSES Fox News – Violation Reported!

Trump Says Fox News Violated First Amendment By Not Airing Speech

Trump Spokesperson Says Fox News Violated First Amendment By Not Airing Speech

( – Former President Donald Trump has put an end to almost two years of speculation with his announcement that he’s running for president once again in 2024. He revealed this news to the country via an hour-long speech from his residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida. However, his campaign team was unhappy with the coverage (or lack thereof) of his address by Fox News.

The network did give the speech more coverage than any other major outlet, but it did not show the address in its entirety. Instead, it cut away to pro-Trump analyst Sean Hannity discussing the significance of Trump’s official re-entry to politics with conservative guests, including Leo Terrell and Mike Huckabee.

Some time later, Trump representative Liz Harrington complained about the media’s actions during a conversation with Real America’s Voice. According to the New York Post, she stated Fox and other media outlets were deliberately limiting Trump’s reach to attempt to stifle his political appeal. Viewers were able to access the speech in its entirety on CSPAN and other online sources.

During the speech itself, Trump listed some of the aims of his campaign.

What do you think this will mean for the Republican primary battle going forward? Will this criticism of the media by Trump become a feature of his campaign?

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