Trump ENDS Failing Paris Climate Agreement

Trump ENDS Failing Paris Climate Agreement

( – Critics have made much of Donald Trump’s perceived disregard for the environment during his time in office. Of course, they rarely propose a viable alternative strategy the president should pursue.

Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement in 2017 attracted a lot of negative press at the time. However, considering the fact most countries are falling short of their targets, the rejection of the agreement now looks to have been a wise move for America.

Trump’s announcement of America’s withdrawal from the agreement in 2017 was well-publicized. However, not many people realized it would take three years to be formally released from the accord. Because of the restrictions Obama-era officials put in place when signing the deal, the US could only officially withdraw from the agreement on Wednesday, November 4 of this year.

As we move into the twilight of President Trump’s first term, it’s a good time to reflect on his successes in the White House. Though it was controversial at the time, the decision to leave the Paris agreement preserved America’s economic interests. It’s one of the best examples of the fearless pragmatism that makes Trump a uniquely gifted leader.

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