Trump-Endorsed Candidate Achieves Historic Victory

Trump-Endorsed Candidate Achieves Historic Victory

( – Luke Letlow was a long-standing figure in the Louisiana GOP. He was elected to the House of Representatives last November, but tragically died of COVID-19-related complications before he could take office.

On Saturday, March 20, Julia Letlow won Louisiana’s special election for the vacant seat left by her late husband. She’s the first female Republican from Louisiana to ever win election to Congress.

Letlow easily beat 11 opponents for the seat; a factor in this success may have been Donald Trump’s endorsement. The former president expressed his support for her before the vote, and reiterated this sentiment after she won the race.

Like her late husband, Julia Letlow ran a campaign based on traditional values and the promotion of agricultural interests. After her victory, she remarked it was “an incredible moment” that was “hard to put into words.”

We often hear about male dominance in politics, particularly among conservative voters and candidates. We need capable female lawmakers like Julia Letlow to break that perception and open the door for other, similar candidates in the future.

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