Trump Delivers THREAT To Ron DeSantis!

Trump Tells Ron DeSantis To Think Very Carefully About Running... Or Else

Trump Tells Ron DeSantis To Think Very Carefully About Running… Or Else

( – With the midterm elections fading into the rearview mirror, all eyes are now on the general election in 2024, and a potential Republican primary battle for the presidential nomination is emerging. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) looks like he just might challenge former President Donald Trump, who has recently started to taunt his former ally. The relationship going forward between the two men is starting to become very clear.

Fox News Digital published a piece covering an interview with the former president on Tuesday, November 8. Speaking on his Trump Force One Boeing 757 jet, Trump stated he would make a formal indication regarding his plans for 2024 from his Mar-a-Lago estate on November 15. He also appeared to warn Governor DeSantis against challenging him in this potential bid, stating the popular Florida leader could damage himself politically.

Trump did offer some praise to DeSantis, calling him a “fine guy.” However, he also cited his own superior position in polls and said a primary battle between himself and the governor would only serve to damage the Republican Party. He also insinuated that he knew secrets about DeSantis he would consider sharing in the event of a challenge from the Florida leader.

The Fox report highlighted that DeSantis might not be the only party considering running against Trump. It also mentioned former Vice President Mike Pence, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).

So, will next week bring news of another Trump candidacy in 2024?

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