Trump Declares Major Victory “We Won This One”

Trump Declares Major Victory

( – We are quickly approaching the date when the Electoral College will officially select a president. None of the legal challenges to Joe Biden’s apparent victory have, as of yet, been successful. However, the incumbent still appears hopeful he can emerge as the winner.

On Wednesday, December 9, Donald Trump addressed a crowd at the White House during a celebration of the Jewish festival of Hanukkah. He took the opportunity to tell the audience he was still hopeful of winning the election, stating his belief that “certain very important people” could help him retain the presidency.

Trump has consistently maintained that he was the victor of the election since voters went to the polls on November 3. He has allowed the transition to a Biden presidency to an extent, but refuses to acknowledge his opponent won the race.

There are clearly serious potential issues with this year’s election that warrant close examination. However, time is running out for Donald Trump to mount a successful challenge to the outcome.

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