Trump Condemns Violence and Censorship in Latest Statement

Trump Condemns Violence and Censorship in Latest Statement

( – America has seen its fair share of violence over the last year. Rioting and looting became commonplace in cities across the nation last summer, and just last week, we witnessed an equally distressing instance of public disorder at the Capitol Building last week.

Predictably, many have sought to point the finger of blame at Donald Trump for this most recent event. However, on Wednesday, January 13, the president released a statement condemning those involved and appealed to those planning further protests not to engage in violence.

Because Twitter permanently banned his personal account, the commander-in-chief had to release this post through the official White House Twitter page.

While acknowledging that “every American deserves to have their voice heard,” Trump expressed worry that security officials had warned him of the possibility of further violence. He revealed he authorized the use of significant federal policing resources to keep the peace during the lead-up to next week’s inauguration.

He went on to criticize the recent moves by tech companies to “censor, cancel, and blacklist,” conservative voices on their platforms. He appealed to all Americans to listen to each other and find “common ground and shared purpose.”

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