Trump Blasts Twitter After Stock Drops

Trump Blasts Twitter After Stock Drops

( – Big Tech giant Twitter has been having a bad time on Wall Street lately. After it released its quarterly report last week, investors reacted negatively to a number of details and the stock lost 15% of its value.

On Friday, April 30, former President Donald Trump weighed in on Twitter’s poor market performance with an official statement. Trump referred to “bad forecasts… hurting the outlook” but maintained the real problem was that the platform had become “BORING.” He went on to claim the same fate would befall other tech companies that fail to respect the freedom of speech.

His comments may reignite speculation about his alleged plans to build a new social media and IT empire. Some weeks ago, Trump considered a $15-billion venture involving a social media platform and subscription service, but did not pursue it.

Whether or not he decides to enter the market himself, Donald Trump is right about one thing; a continued opposition to free speech will likely damage Big Tech sooner or later.

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