Trump Backs New GOP Group to Compete With Democrats

Trump Backs New GOP Group to Compete With Democrats

( – Former President Donald Trump may no longer be in the White House, but he’s still an important figure in conservative politics in America. Even if he doesn’t choose to run for office again, he’ll be able to make his presence known in various different ways.

On Friday, April 23, The New York Times reported that Trump has pledged his support to the America Alliance, a new fundraising outfit that will collect money from donors and redistribute these funds to political candidates and organizations. The group will attempt to close the fundraising gap between the DNC and GOP; currently, the Democracy Alliance attracts a lot of financial support for Democrats.

Trump has reportedly asked Michael Glassner, a senior operative in his re-election campaign last year, to serve as the CEO of the America Alliance.

According to the article, the former president is also considering the establishment of a new super PAC. Clearly, he intends to be highly active on the political scene over the coming months.

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