Trump Axes Head of Cybersecurity Agency

Trump Axes Head of Cybersecurity Agency

( – Donald Trump has never been afraid to chop and change when it comes to federal officials. As he moves into the twilight of his first term in the White House, he continues to make replacements at the top level of the executive branch.

On Wednesday, November 18, it was Christopher Krebs’ turn to go. Krebs was the head of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA), but had recently attracted a lot of criticism for his views on election interference.

Brandon Wales, who was third in command at the agency before Krebs’ departure, has temporarily assumed control. It’s not yet clear who will take the reins at CISA permanently.

Whether Donald Trump’s challenges to the reported outcome of the election will succeed remains to be seen. However, he’s still our president now, and he may well be our president until 2024. As long as he retains a presidential mandate, the president is constitutionally entitled to choose who leads federal agencies, despite what the media or Democrats say about it.

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