Trump Attorney Claims Impeachment Is Unconstitutional

Trump Attorney Claims Impeachment Is Unconstitutional

( – Donald Trump has been out of the presidential office for two weeks now. However, thanks to the profoundly odd impeachment process Democrats have insisted upon undertaking, his fitness for the office must yet be assessed, at great length, in the Senate.

On Monday, February 1, one of Donald Trump’s newly appointed impeachment attorneys appeared on Fox News to discuss the upcoming trial. David Schoen spoke out against the process, calling it “completely unconstitutional.” He highlighted the issues it would raise in terms of the First Amendment going forward, putting political speech at risk. He also called it undemocratic, as its true aim was to prevent Trump from running for office again.

The constitutional basis for impeachment comes from Article II, Section 4 of the document, which says any officer convicted of a relevant offense will be “removed from office.” Therefore, many scholars are arguing this process is unlawful, as Trump has already left office.

So, there you have it. Not only is impeaching a president who has left office entirely pointless, Trump’s lawyer is also saying that it’s undemocratic and unconstitutional. That’s unlikely to give Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and her party colleagues any pause for thought, but it’s worth keeping in mind next time you head to the ballot box.

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