Trump Adviser Makes Huge Social Media Announcement

Trump Adviser Makes Huge Social Media Announcement

( – Former President Trump has been the target of a social media purge since November’s election. His Twitter account has been permanently banned, and while his Facebook is active, he can’t post.

However, Trump has not given up on interacting with his supporters online. On Saturday, February 6, Jason Miller, a senior adviser to the 45th president, discussed Trump’s intention to return to social media with Breitbart News. Miller mentioned a “number of different options,” including the creation of a new platform.

He did not confirm plans to do this, or offer detailed insights into what the platform might look like. He said Trump’s team was still figuring out which method of online communication would make “the most sense,” for the former president. However, the idea of a new, Trump-backed social media site quickly attracted support on Twitter.

Despite the growing power wielded by Big Tech, no one truly controls the internet. Trump’s opponents can try to silence him (they’ve been reasonably successful in recent times), but if he wants to get his word out, he’ll find a way.

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