Top Trump Ally Supports GOP Push For Voting Restrictions

Donald Trump in Contact With Top American Lawyer

( – After the controversy around potential voter fraud surrounding last year’s general election, there was an understandable push toward legislative reform in many states. Across the country, lawmakers have introduced over 250 voting restriction proposals since last November.

Cleta Mitchell is one of the key figures in the GOP’s effort to make these types of changes. An attorney and longtime conservative, Mitchell advised former President Donald Trump on his mission to have the results of last year’s presidential vote overturned. She has reportedly taken the lead on two separate campaigns to tighten voter laws and resist proposed Democratic changes to existing rules.

According to AP News, Mitchell stated on Friday, March 26, that she was still in close contact with Trump. This coordination is a further indication that Trump remains actively interested in pursuing GOP objectives.

More comprehensive voter security can only mean safer, more trustworthy elections. Efforts like Mitchell’s are likely the best way to ensure controversy like last year’s does not occur again.

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