Top Republican Proposes Massive Amendment to Biden’s Stimulus Package

Top Republican Proposes Massive Amendment to Biden's Stimulus Package

( – The $1.9-trillion stimulus plan currently headed to the Senate is the source of major disagreement in Washington, DC. Democrats are using their dominance in Congress to push through measures GOP representatives have denounced as wasteful and overly expensive.

One major issue is the fact that a lot of the bill’s spending doesn’t even relate to COVID-19. Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) highlighted this on Saturday, February 27, when he introduced an amendment to the bill that would grant stimulus checks of $10,000 to individuals and $20,000 for married couples. Gosar proposed funding these checks by cutting spending on things like grants for arts and humanities, farm loan assistance, capital investment grants, and “vaccine confidence activities.”

Unsurprisingly, House Democrats rejected Gosar’s amendment and passed the bill. However, he succeeded in highlighting just how frivolous some of their spending objectives are in the context of the pandemic currently crippling the nation.

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