Top Democrat Calls for Filibuster Removal

Top Democrat Calls for Filibuster Removal

( – The legislative filibuster is a controversial topic that’s provided the basis for many heated debates over the years. Because 60 votes are required to cut off debate on most measures, the minority party can choose to obstruct or delay legislation even if the required votes are there to pass the law.

Democrats now have an effective majority in the Senate, so the filibuster has the potential to become a huge obstacle for them. Calls have already begun for its removal, with Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL) leading the charge on Sunday, January 24.

During an interview with Chuck Todd, Durbin talked about the necessity of taking action on the economy and the pandemic. He said politicians should consider removing the filibuster if it was getting in the way of such action. However, he also stated his preference for “bipartisan dialogue.”

Members on both sides of the political aisle have suggested doing away with the filibuster in the past. However, if Democrats succeed in getting rid of it now, they will gain an even tighter grip on Washington, DC. Considering they control both chambers of Congress and the White House, now is not a good time for them to gain more power.

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