TikTok Star Is Using Gen Z Influence To Flip a Republican Seat

(RepublicanReport.org) – TikTok star Cheyenne Hunt made a name for herself on the social media platform by engaging other members of Gen Z, many of whom share the same economic difficulties as they attempt to navigate a post-pandemic world. The outspoken 25-year-old has over 89,000 followers, and she intends to use her vast support base to flip a Republican House seat.

Who Is Cheyenne Hunt?

Hunt has had a regular presence on TikTok since October 2020, and her posts have accrued a combined 3.6 million likes. Throughout her time on the platform, she’s worked to amplify the voice of her generation and bounce her ideas for improving living conditions. During a recent interview on Fox 11 Los Angeles, she claimed big corporations were ultimately to blame for the economic crisis now plaguing Americans, citing unchecked price gouging as the actual root of the problem.

The Gen Z candidate, if elected to the House, would be the first woman from her generation to be elected into Congress. While Hunt’s platform places a heavy focus on the setbacks and needs of younger Americans, also feels strongly about taking care of seniors. She pointed to their rising expenses as well, noting the added burden of medical costs that are bankrupting many aging Americans.

The House Race for CA-45

Hunt is hoping to unseat Republican congresswoman Michelle Steel, who doesn’t appear willing to give up her position without a fight. Steel also views herself as a vocal advocate for citizens who are in most need of help. She cites the frustration she felt years ago while watching her immigrant mother trying to navigate the system to fight a wrongly imposed tax bill, viewing the ordeal as her motivation to become politically active. She’s determined to overcome bipartisan issues that have held Congress back, and she continues to work to fight taxes, support law enforcement, and tackle the US’ broken healthcare system.

Facing up against Hunt and Steel are Garden Grove Councilwoman Kim Bernice Nguyen and Orange County trial attorney Aditya Pai, both also Democrats.

Appealing to the Next Generation

Gen Z has never known a world without social media, so an online presence is more important than ever now that this age group is finding its place among voting adults. Hunt is using her position as an influencer to her advantage, and so far, it’s paying off. She’s earned the most campaign funds in her district so far, a triumph she attributes to her prominent online presence. She might also be helping to spark a movement that takes campaigning further into cyberspace and paves the way for the next big leap in the political landscape.

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