The Border Crisis Faces New Crisis as Haitian Immigrants Wait in Texas

The Border Crisis Faces New Crisis as Haitian Immigrants Wait in Texas

( – Though the media’s attention has mainly been elsewhere over the last few weeks, the crisis on our southwest border continues to cause significant problems. The problematic policies that first gave rise to the situation are still in place, and undocumented migrants continue to pile up near busy crossing points. In the latest development, thousands of migrants have gathered under a bridge near a border crossing in South Texas.

Following Haiti’s recent earthquake, thousands of displaced Haitians reportedly made their way out of the Caribbean nation to South America before traveling to the US. Most of the mass of migrants under the Del Rio International Bridge, which crosses the Rio Grande, are allegedly Haitian, though there are some Nicaraguans, Cubans, and Venezuelans as well.

According to recent statistics from Customs and Border Protection (CBP), over 31,000 Haitians have come to America in the last 11 months. This influx includes individuals from some mixed-nationality families.

To arrive at our border, many of these migrants would have had to make journeys of thousands of miles. Along the way, they would’ve contended with jungles, criminal gangs, and border guards.

With an estimated 10,000 immigrants currently gathered in Texas with no proper resources, the situation is threatening to spiral into a humanitarian crisis.

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