The Biggest SpaceX Developments of 2020

The Biggest SpaceX Developments of 2020

( – Elon Musk, the entrepreneur and inventor behind PayPal and Tesla, recently became the second-richest person on the planet. His skill as an innovator is cementing his reputation as one of the most important thinkers of his generation.

SpaceX is perhaps Musk’s most exciting business venture. However, you won’t see any of this company’s products or services for sale to the public (at least not yet). The objective of SpaceX is to make space travel more affordable by developing efficient, reusable spacecraft. While they haven’t started chartering flights across the solar system just yet, that day could be closer than you think.


Starship is the name of SpaceX’s new flagship spacecraft. The company intends for Starship to replace its current vessels, including Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy.

Unlike traditional space shuttles, Starship will be fully reusable, allowing SpaceX to eventually travel to Mars. NASA may also use the vessel for its Artemis program, which hopes to send astronauts to the moon by 2024.

Starship has undergone a number of test flights at SpaceX’s Texas facility. It has reached an altitude of around 500 feet before returning to earth for a controlled landing.


Starlink is a satellite-based internet provider. While it’s not yet fully operational, SpaceX released a beta version of the program earlier this year.

The project aims to bring high-quality internet, with low latency and high data speeds, to every corner of the globe. Early estimates suggest it could cost around $10 billion to provide the service.


As well as its technological advancements, many are curious about SpaceX’s intentions regarding stock sale and distribution. PayPal and Tesla both attracted eye-watering sums of money when they went public. So many investors are curious about whether (or when) SpaceX will be doing the same.

However, it doesn’t appear Elon Musk is in a rush to take this step. Analysts have speculated the transparency requirements which accompany public listing might not suit SpaceX at this time. Gwynne Shotwell, SpaceX’s COO, was quoted in March 2018 as saying the company wouldn’t go public until it was regularly sending flights to Mars.

A Modern-Day Da Vinci?

Elon Musk is perhaps the best living example of what happens when creative genius and a formidable work ethic collide. He’s already made revolutionary leaps in several different fields, and it looks like he may be about to do the same for space travel. We should all be keeping a close eye on SpaceX over the next few years.

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