Texas Woman Charged for Threatening to Kill Trump Judge

(RepublicanReport.org) – Federal and state officials have increased security measures for court buildings, judges, and prosecutors in the wake of Donald Trump’s recent criminal indictments. Unfortunately, the response to the ongoing investigations and court proceedings involving the former president has already led to the death of two individuals.

Law enforcement officials shot and killed a man last year after an hourslong standoff after he tried to breach Cinncinati’s FBI field office shortly after agents raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence. Likewise, FBI agents killed a man in Utah after he posted threats against President Joe Biden and top officials overseeing Trump’s legal proceedings.

A recent court filing revealed that a federal law enforcement official filed a criminal complaint against a Texas woman for threatening to kill a judge handling one of Trump’s criminal cases.

Texas Woman Charged After Allegedly Threatening Trump Judge

On August 11, an agent with the US Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Protective Service (FPS) filed a criminal complaint against Abigail Jo Shry in the US District Court for the Southern District of Texas. Law enforcement officials use criminal complaints and accompanying affidavits to obtain the authority to arrest an individual.

In this instance, FPS Special Agent Joshua Henry notified the court that there was probably cause to believe that Shry “knowingly and willfully” committed an offense against the United States by threatening US District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan, the jurist overseeing Trump’s trial in the District of Columbia. The agent also said there was probable cause to believe Shry threatened US Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX).

Later that day, an unnamed court official issued a sealed order granting an arrest warrant. Additionally, the court docket shows that Shry appeared before Magistrate Judge Sam Sheldon after her arrest. Prosecutors submitted a sealed indictment to the judge, and the defendant obtained a court-appointed attorney.

Details of the Case Against Shry

Henry’s affidavit alleged that Shry left a voicemail at Chutkan’s chambers on August 5. She called the judge a “stupid slave” and threatened to kill anyone who went after Trump, including “all” Washington Democrats, members of the LGBTQ community, and Rep. Lee.

Directing her attention to Chutkan, Shry allegedly warned that she and other unnamed individuals had the judge “in our sights,” adding, “We want to kill you.” She concluded the recorded message by advising Chutkan to “tread lightly” because “we are coming to kill you” if Trump doesn’t win the upcoming presidential election.

Federal investigators traced the call to Shry’s Texas residence. She readily admitted to making the threats when agents questioned her about the incident. Shry said she didn’t have plans to travel to the nation’s capital to carry out her threats. However, she told investigators they would “need to worry” if Rep. Lee ever visited Alvin, Texas, Shry’s hometown.

On August 16, Magistrate Judge Sheldon issued a detention order pending trial and scheduled a bond hearing for September 13. He noted that law enforcement officials had already charged Shry four times in the past year for making similar threats, including two cases ending in misdemeanor convictions for criminal mischief and resisting arrest.

Shry is charged with making threats to a US district court judge and US senator, as noted in the detention order. Other specifics remain unclear since her indictment remains sealed.

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