Texas Governor Takes Action at the Mexican Border

Texas Governor Takes Action at the Mexican Border

(RepublicanReport.com) – Despite the refusal of the White House to acknowledge what’s going on, things are getting serious on our southern border. Unsustainable numbers of undocumented migrants are showing up at crossings, many of them unaccompanied children. In the context of the pandemic, the risks of this situation hardly need to be outlined.

On Tuesday, March 9, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) announced that the state’s National Guard was set to deploy 500 troops to the Mexican border. These operatives will occupy observation posts along with officers from the Department of Public Safety. The DPS is also adding 1,200 officers to the area, according to a Stars and Stripes report.

As Abbott notes in the tweet below, these deployments have been made necessary by the “open border policies” of the federal government.

Governor Abbott has made clear his opposition to the current presidential administration repeatedly. If Biden and his team don’t start addressing the issues on our southern border soon, they can expect to attract criticism from other state leaders before too long.

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