Tesla Dies in Heatwave, Trapping Toddler Inside

(RepublicanReport.org) – Summer is here, and that means drivers are being reminded to be careful about leaving pets or children alone in cars. The heat within a closed vehicle can rise rapidly, which can be fatal to those trapped inside. Two recent incidents involving Teslas in the Arizona heat could have ended very differently. The electric vehicle lost power, trapping the unsuspecting victims inside the car.

A grandmother in Scottdale, Renee Sanchez, was recently preparing to take her 20-month-old granddaughter to the zoo when the unthinkable happened. After loading the toddler in her Tesla, the battery died, and she was unable to get inside. Sanchez said neither her “phone key” nor her “car key” would open the doors. She was left with no choice but to call 911 before the car started heating up.

When the firefighters arrived, they reportedly commented on the Tesla and how they didn’t even know how to get inside. Sanchez instructed them to do whatever it took to get the toddler out, so they taped up the window, broke the glass, and retrieved the baby. During all the commotion, the granddaughter was frightened and crying, making the ordeal very stressful.

Apparently, there’s a latch inside the vehicle to open the door in case of emergency, but a strapped-in toddler wouldn’t be able to activate the device. There is also reportedly a way to get in from the outside, but the process is not well known and relatively complicated — not useful when racing against the clock. Sanchez said she used to love her Tesla, but the incident left her feeling not so great about the company.

Just a day or two before the incident, a woman in Arizona was trapped in her Tesla as well. She had to contact the company, which instructed her on how to get out. The woman said it was “unnerving” and “scary.”

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